Quotes From Vannevar Bush

* "A belief may be larger than a fact."
* "Fear cannot be banished, but it can be calm and without panic; it can be mitigated by reason and evaluation. "
* "If scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic, we should not get very far in our understanding of the physical world. One might as well attempt to grasp the game of poker entirely by the use of the mathematics of probability."
* "Science has a simple faith, which transcends utility. It is the faith that it is the privilege of man to learn to understand, and that this is his mission."
* "The scene changes but the aspirations of men of good will persist."
* "To pursue science is not to disparage the things of the spirit. In fact, to pursue science rightly is to furnish the framework on which the spirit may rise."
* "The camera hound of the future wears on his forehead a lump a little larger than a walnut." - As We May Think
* "Putting man in space is a stunt. The man can do no more than an instrument, in fact can do less."