Django Uwsgi Nginx 504 Gateway Timeout

A couple of days ago I encountered the
"Django + uWsgi + Nginx = 504 Gateway Time-out" issue

And, solution first:

server {
    listen 80;

    location / {

    location /upload/ {
        uwsgi_read_timeout 1800;

The uwsgi_read_timeout line is what we need.


I dig lot though the web within several hours
Read every docs of Nginx and uwsgi
Even the second page of Google results!!!
I read carefully every related articles
None of it could solve my problem

Finally, an answer on stackoverflow mentioned a param fastcgi_read_timeout
You know, I just got a hit
I respell it as uwsgi_read_timeout and solved my problem!
The problem is, neither Nginx nor uwsgi docs mentioned it!!!