Fix Sed I Issue On Mac Os X Lion

The problem

We I ran command:

$ grep "allpage" . -rl | xargs sed -i 's/allpage/common/g'

Or specially I ran this:

$ sed -i 's/allpage/common/g' ./server/docs/

An Error occurred:

$ sed: 1: "./server/docs/": invalid command code .

When I changed the command into this:

$ sed -i 's/allpage/common/g' server/docs/

And error became this:

$ sed: 1: "server/docs/": unterminated substitute in regular expression

This sed version was May 10, 2005 as I saw in man sed.

Fix It

Download the newest version of GNU sed from here:

$ tar xfz sed-4.2.tar.gz
$ cd sed-4.2
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Then the former command will execute properly.