Why Am I Still Using Firefox

Google Chrome is amazing. Light and fast, and release very often. Safari, the native of OS X, provide very good performance and experiences, especial the lovely "Look Up" (double-tap with three fingers) feature (Even Chrome is support this on OS X). All of these are good for me to leave Firefox. But It didn't happen. I am still using Firefox the most time.

Reason I: Vimperator

Well, This used to be a reason why I cannot leave Firefox. But now the frequency of using it are not as higher as before. So it's become a bonus rather than a critical reason.

Reason II: Firebug

As a web developer, I am using Firebug a lot. Although Chrome also provide something similar. But I still feel Firebug is the better one.

Reason III: Proxy mechanism

This is a critical reason for me to continue using Firefox, when it relatively become heavy, slow, eat many of my memories, and can let me double-tab with three fingers while I am typing this article to determine whether a word is right or not. But the good thing is Firefox provide a better solution to deal with proxy stuff. Either AutoProxy or FoxyProxy, the mechanism to proxy is something like sandbox. The configures doesn't affect the net status of other places. Say I using proxy for all sites. Then the visiting to the Internet with Shell or other browsers will normal (not proxy as I set in Firefox). But Chrome or Safari, they use a quick way -- using the proxy of the OS (or Ubuntu and other systems) itself. This is very inconvenience since the sites I need to proxy is neither all or very few, it's just half-to-half. Well, this reason is pretty Chinese.

I am not only use Firefox. I using Safari either before encountering a site cannot open without proxy.

Happy in China.

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